Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where has the time gone? Why does it not seem so long ago that you were sitting in my arms as a baby, looking into my eyes as I fedyou, smiling at me as I sang "You are my Sunshine" and tears weld up in my eyes with happiness of the baby we had created.At 2 am I woke up for some water and decided I wouldnt want to be anywhere else but in your big boy bed with you....I grabbed my pillow and called Vinny to follow....We snuggled up with you and thanked GOD over and over for YOU....You are BEYOND AMAZING....About 9:11 am you started stirring, I quietly sang “Happy Birthday” in your ear. I thought about you -

You are practically perfect!!!!!!
Your name exemplifies EXACTLY who YOU are.....
You love your Daddy more than words can say!
You say lots of words (dog, please, memememe (cat), Ayden, Max, toot, mama, daddy, yes, no, cheese, me, boy, truck, go, love!
Your favorite book is Mama's Right Here.
Your favorite show is Mickey Mouse
Your favorite place is in my arms.
You’re not a big eater but you are a BIG BOY.
When there is conflict, you tend to laugh!
In the midst of your constant pretending, you are also constantly singing. Songs I taught you (you are

my sunshine, I love you) songs Daddy taught you (I gotta Feeling).
I LOVE the way you exude confidence as you sing and dance! You are so much fun. ****************
I will always love you and I will always be in your corner. I don’t make many promises to people but I will make this promise to you. I will ALWAYS listen to you and I will ALWAYS be someone you can count on. I will do whatever I can to make your life better for as long as there is air in my lungs and my heart still beats. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS.
Happy Birthday, Baby Scout!!! Mama LOVES you SO much!!!!

Two years ago today was the BEST day of my life!!! You are
such a perfect, beautiful, and health little baby.
I look forward to watching you
grow into a man and I hope I will
guide you on the right paths.
Daddy and I can't believe
that we really have you.
It feels like a wonderful dream.
I will always love you no matter what
and will always be here when you need
me. I promise..