Sunday, March 31, 2013

Getting a dog???

So...You may consider getting a dog..........Remember it is FOREVER.........

Not just UNTIL he potties inside. 
Not just UNTIL he chews up your shoes. 
Not just UNTIL YOU get new carpet
Not just UNTIL she gets too big
Not just UNTIL you decide to have a baby
PETS ARE A LIFETIME COMMITMENT....AND worth SO much more than the effort you will put into them :)  

Happy Easter Scout

There is no "right" way. I know you know this, I see it on a daily basis. You push the limits, you ask for more than anyone can give, you dream so much bigger than anyone can imagine.  I remember that feeling.
What I want to tell you is that there is NO right way to feel or grow :)
In the meantime, know that you are a talented, brilliant human being, regardless of what anyone else thinks or what everyone else is doing. It can be a tough road when you're "getting bigger" but it is your road. Make the most of it.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Be Kind

I do not have the energy to wish you would die or hurt.

I will not use my time or breath to insult you. I am too busy teaching her to trust again and love.  We are ALL not terrible or mean. 

I do not want you to experience what you did to an animal. I am too busy trying to heal the emotional wounds of an abused or neglected animal.... Showing me those awful experiences won't happen ever again...

I will not give my energy to contribute to conversations that only speak of unethical ways of punishing you. My energy goes to solving the problem of abuse through education, awareness, kindness.

I will not keep you from being a good parent or seeing our child.  I WILL use my voice instead for the children in humane education courses and helping teachers learn how to help kids speak in safe environments about the animal abuse in their homes before the animal abuse turns to child abuse.

What I do want for you is for you to experience the process of acceptance, to acknowledge your actions, be accountable for your choices, and seek whatever help you need to deal anger.

I want for you to serve your time willingly, not make excuses, and recognize the redemption found in helping others in need.

I want you to heal whatever it is inside you that let you think it was acceptable to do what you did.

I want you to heal enough that you are able to give back the love she has given to Us and appreciate and accept that animals are far more amazing than we are.  Forgiveness is underrated and KINDNESS is everything.

Basically I want you to LOVE without conditions,