Wednesday, February 4, 2015


 Seems like everyone has issues: your past pops up, you compare, you play games,  you lose a turn, you break a heart, get your heart broken, Whatever....I call this baggage!  My friends talk about finding someone with no baggage but is that really possible?
I've never understood this. I don't believe that anyone makes it through this life without baggage. It's part of living. We all have past hurts that we carry with us in one way or another. I'm immediately suspicious of people who claim to have none. I'm guessing that they're unaware that the big suitcase that the other people in their lives are taking turns lugging, is theirs, and that they have not claimed their baggage .Our current state of being, in my opinion, depends on acknowledging the hurts, exploring their impact, coming to terms with and integrated them. When this is done, we can choose to do differently. What is left unacknowledged is left unchanged. Maintaining the status quo, sticking with familiar people and places is comfortable. Making change asks us to step outside of our comfort zone. It takes courage and spunk!

C'mon...we ALL have baggage, but, those questions the airlines ask at check-in...they're important...Did you pack your bag yourself?
Are you aware of the contents?Have you left it unattended?Do you have any unclaimed baggage? Is your load feeling heavy these days?
Do you sort through your baggage from time to time, discard what is no longer useful to you? Re-organize and re-pack? Are you willing to pay the extra $25.00 because your bag is overweight?

My suitcase has wheels and I go thru it often and repack and reorganize!
My backpack...I don't notice the weight of it ,most of the time, but sometimes I need to put it down for awhile, and reconsider the contents.