Monday, March 17, 2014

So What, Miles Davis

You know those songs that make you remember an event, day, place, or a moment? I heard one of those songs today on my new favorite XM station. “So What” by Miles Davis.  I turned it up, my heart skipped a beat, driving along Highway 377 I got super sappy - I can absolutely remember the first time I heard "So What".  I was standing in a dive bar, in Encinitas California. The Saloon 2002, it was a foggy Sunday afternoon, and we had just come in from "surfing."  I say this loosely because "the boyfriend" could surf, I was more of a paddle out, try a few times, and splash around "surfer."  I still am.  I remember an older man walking over to the jukebox and then IT started playing…I thought the song was brilliant – and still do. I remember asking him what the song was called.  He was a real "surfer type", sun bleached hair, almost too tan face, and beautiful eyes.  He looked at me, laughed, and said "so what" then said he would be right back.  It was odd..Maybe he was stoned?  I headed back over to "the boyfriend" who was waiting on our 3rd or 4th round of $1.00 draft beers (this place was awesome)  where he had actually managed to snag us stools.  We sat, drank, talked, and laughed.  We did that a lot.  He was one of the good ones.  About 30 minutes passed and my sun kissed surfer friend walked back in and made his way to us.  He was carrying a sack from LOUS RECORDS (the coolest place in Encinitas).....Inside was the Kind of Blue album.  I had heard of Miles Davis but had NO idea what I was in for.  I thanked my surfer friend over and over.  He told "the boyfriend" he was the one who should be thanking him.  We laughed, bought our new friend a beer, and headed out.   I remember getting home and listening to the album over and over, while sitting on the balcony talking about life and the future.  It was genius, Miles Davis was a genius.  Sadly, the Saloon was sold and is now an upscale "beach" bar.  I never saw the sun kissed surfer again, and "the boyfriend" left for Iraq and never returned.  Life sure does change, but every time I hear this tune, I return to the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and West D Street, I smile for the moment and how it all happened. Life is full of change but it makes us who we are.  Thanks for the memories, Mr. Davis.